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It’s been exactly for years since my grandma passed.

I though it was a good time to reflect on life, mine in general. The last few months haven’t been that great at all and I have a strong feeling that’s not going to change anytime soon. I’ve accepted that, nothing ever comes easy for me. There are some good points, I can’t deny that but for the most part this suck. Hopefully things take a turn for the positive soon. I’d really appreciate that.

I’d also appreciate a nice relationship with a female. A positive one. Not expecting that anytime soon but I guy can hope, right?

I’m just rambling now now, I have a lot more on my mind but don’t feel like putting it all out just yet. Maybe later.

I miss my bed, as much as I’ve hated it. I now appreciate having it even though I don’t have it.

I’m gonna quit now, I’ve shared too much

"Why did it take so long to make Bad? The answer is that Quincy and I decided that this album should be as close to perfect as humanly possible. A perfectionist has to take his time; he shapes and he molds and he sculpts that thing until it's perfect. He can't let it go before he's satisfied; he can't.

If it's not right, you throw it away and do it over. You work that thing till it's just right. When it's as perfect as you can make it, you put it out there. Really, you've got to get it to where it's just right; that's the secret. That's the difference between a number thirty record and a number one record that stays number one for weeks. It's got to be good. If it is, it stays up there and the whole world wonders when it's going to come down." -Michael Jackson

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